Welcome to Suzi Magic

Spreading Magic with words and magnets

My name is Suzi and I believe in Magic!

I am a retired nurse who "burnt out" in 2008 and was

diagnosed with OCD, Depression and anxiety.

I reinvented myself and am now an author and

meditation/visualisation practitioner

In September 2019 I published my first book  "Living in the Brambles".

It's a book of poetry about my experiences with mental health issues.

I wrote it in the hope that fellow sufferers and their families would  see that it is possible to live a happy and productive life after a complete mental health breakdown.

Buy the paperback direct from this website or from Amazon or check out the digital version here :- https://books2read.com/bramblesamazon


I also run meditation sessions every Saturday and you can get your free (during lockdown) tickets here :- 


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